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I’m Ory Shihor, the creator of Ace My Audition, a system designed to provide everything young gifted pianists need in order to succeed in their college piano auditions and get accepted to the school of their dreams. Using my expertise as dean, conservatory teacher, speaker, adjudicator and performer, students I have taught or mentored have successfully entered many of the top music schools in the US — and now I am excited about sharing my knowledge and winning tips with you. My mission is to set young gifted pianists such as yourself on the right path to success and ensure your dream of studying at a great school becomes a reality.

“Studying with Mr. Shihor not only has allowed me to pursue my dreams, but also changed my life. His ever-growing attention to style, precision, and delicacy has brought to my music colors that I would have never imagined if it were not for his unprecedented teaching. I cannot thank him enough for the nine years of guiding me and my music and for making it possible for me to get accepted to the Curtis Institute of Music!” read more >>
Ray Ushikubo

“It’s very hard to explain with words how grateful I am to Mr. Shihor for the past four years studying with him. There are too many things that in my opinion stand out in his teaching, but I think I should at least mention these two. The first one is his unconditional belief in the student’s abilities and his commitment to make the most of those abilities no matter what it takes. Often he believed in me more than I did myself, and kept demanding and encouraging the highest level in pieces without exception. This is grounded on the second aspect – he can justify that belief because he knows how to make that potential a reality through an extraordinary attention to detail, ear and musical intuition. The most remarkable thing which I’ve noticed is……” read more >>
Albert Cano Smit

“Three years of study with Mr.Shihor has totally changed my understanding and increase my love of music dramatically. He patiently guide me with his wonderful musical ideas and concepts.The improvements and achievements I made during these three years are way beyond my imagination. It is truly an amazing experience studying with Mr.Shihor. Without his patience, sensitive and delicate teaching and guidance. It’s not possible for me to get accepted into my dream school, Juilliard. I am extremely thankful to him for all the works and effort he has done for me.” read more >>
Jimmy Shen

“I started taking lessons with Mr. Shihor about 3 years ago and am eternally grateful because I have grown tremendously. This September, I will be attending the Royal Academy of Music with a full scholarship! Studying with Mr. Shihor has opened so many opportunities for me, has helped me find the sound I want to create, has raised my confidence in my playing, and has shown that I am capable. I am so thankful for Mr. Shihor.” read more >>
Milli McFall

…With Mr. Shihor’s guidance and mentorship, I got accepted to all of the schools I’ve auditioned for! I’ve also received scholarships covering 75%-80% of the tuition! I am very grateful that I had an opportunity to study with such a great teacher!read more >> Kamilla Bendersky

“I received acceptance letters from all the schools I auditioned at…studying with professor Shihor was an important step in my career and I am very grateful for his guidance.” read more >>
Clare Yeo

“Studying under the mentorship of Professor Ory Shihor was a privilege in more ways than I can count. Due to his tireless guidance, mentorship and belief in me as a student, I was accepted into the schools of my dreams and learned so much along the way. I am eternally grateful to him for all that he has helped me with.”
Kevin Knowles

“Mr. Shihor is a sensitive musician, an attentive teacher, and a compassionate human being who truly cares for every one of his students.” read more >>
Victoria Frances Young


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With Ory Shihor

Piano Talent Performance Academy

Elite Performance Training for Gifted Pre-College Age Pianists

The Piano Talent Performance Academy Pre-College program offers an advanced piano education curriculum designed for young gifted pianists who desire to get accepted into top level music schools and conservatories. Pre-qualification is required.

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Ace My Audition

Discover the proven system that has helped my students receive admission letters from the top music schools

Ace My Audition is a proven, step-by-step program that shows you in precise detail exactly what you need to know and do in order to play a fantastic audition and get accepted to the school of your dreams. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way including creating a great pre-screening video, playing up to performance-ready level, having a winning mindset, and getting in the zone right before you walk on stage. It even provides you with live ‘mock’ audition opportunities.

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Ace My Admission

Full service music college admission preparation designed to help you get into your top choice U.S. music schools.

Is the thought of applying to music schools keeping you up at night? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of navigating U.S. music college application process and unsure what is the right path for you? The Ace My Admission program is designed to help you get into the right music school and match with the right piano professor that fit your educational and professional goals in music.

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Power Lessons with Ory Shihor

Do you feel like you have reached a plateau in your playing? Gain a new breakthrough and rapidly elevate your playing to the next level with one on one private lessons with Mr. Shihor.

One-on-one private lessons with Mr. Shihor are available online via high quality video conference technology, or you may take lessons with Mr. Shihor’s in person at his Los Angeles private studio equipped with a new Steinway D and Bosendorfer 280 VC.

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The Mock Audition Experience

If you are getting ready for your college piano audition and would like to put your ‘nerves to the test,’ playing a live mock audition in front of professional musicians is a MUST!

The Mock Audition Experience provides you the opportunity to perform in front of two industry experts in a simulated piano audition setting. Following your mock audition, you will receive detailed verbal and written feedback on your playing from both Mr. Shihor and a professional musician.

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On-Going Private Teaching Program with Ory Shihor

If you wish to dramatically transform your playing and receive in-depth teaching from a world-renowned piano professor who will uncover your highest musical potential, then this program is for you.

If you are interested in working with Mr. Shihor for an extended period of time, please click on the CONSULTATION link below and schedule a time to speak with Mr. Shihor. Pre-qualification is required.

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