Now Accepting Applications for 2020-2021 Academic Year

The Piano Talent Performance Academy (PTPA) Pre-College program offers conservatory-level training through a comprehensive curriculum specially designed to prepare young gifted pianists for auditions at top music conservatories in the U.S.  Accepted students will have the opportunity to study with renowned pedagogue, Ory Shihor.

The PTPA Pre-College program is highly personalized. Our nurturing staff and faculty are dedicated to providing each student with a premium educational experience in a caring and supportive environment.


  • You are a pre-college age gifted pianist who wishes to pursue piano studies in music schools and conservatories.
  • You want to dramatically transform your playing and be ready for your upcoming college auditions, competitions or major performances.
  • You aspire to pursue a professional career in music and would like expert guidance and mentorship to help get you there.
  • You are an international student and would like to increase your chances of getting accepted into U.S. music colleges.
  • You want to be taught and mentored by a master teacher who specializes in cultivating young gifted pianists to their fullest potential.


At PTPA Pre-College, we offer a full immersion curriculum taught by conservatory-level faculty, which includes weekly private lessons, music theory, ear training and piano literature courses, studio classes, masterclasses, performance presence workshops and ample performance opportunities throughout the year. Students receive a PTPA Pre-College Diploma upon completion of 2 or more years in the program.

60-Minute Weekly Private Lessons with Ory Shihor (included in the base tuition)

The PTPA Studio is equipped with a Steinway D and Bösendorfer 280VC.

Weekly Academic Courses

    • Music Theory
    • Ear Training
    • Piano Literature

Performance Training Events 

    • Studio Classes
    • Student Performances
    • Masterclasses by Visiting Faculty
    • Performance Presence workshops
    • Specialized performance training and seminars

Electives  (additional fees apply)

    • Private composition lessons and chamber music coaching are available upon request.


PTPA partners with American University Preparatory School (AUP), a WASC certified boarding high school in Downtown Los Angeles where international students can obtain their F1 VISA and high school diploma while studying at PTPA. For more information about AUP School, please visit www.aupschool.org.

Our international pre-college students receive highly personalized support and attention due to the unique needs of studying abroad by themselves. International Student Services include:

  • Local transportation between AUP dorm and lessons, studio classes, masterclasses, workshops, recitals and competitions
  • Chaperone services to out of town competition/audition excursions
  • Music college consultation and application support


Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, PTPA Annex practice and classroom facility is adjacent to AUP and is equipped with brand new Yamaha pianos. The practice rooms are shared by PTPA students based on a pre-set schedule during Fall and Spring semesters.

All piano lessons take place at the PTPA Studio, which is located 1 mile away from AUP. Transportation service to/from AUP and the PTPA studio is available upon request.


Audition videos and online interview are required for admission. Click HERE to download an application form. Please submit application form and audition videos to admin@pianotalent.com.

Audition Video Requirement  

    • Bach A prelude and fugue or other polyphonic work
    • Sonata
  A classical sonata movement by Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, or Schubert
    • Other Work
  A work from the romantic period or 20th/21st century


PTPA Pre-College Program follows the traditional high school academic calendar from September to June. There are two 15-week semesters (Fall and Spring) per academic year.

Fall and Spring Semesters

    • 2019 Fall Semester:  September 9, 2019 to December 19, 2019 (15 weeks)
    • 2020 Spring Semester:  January 13, 2020 to June 8, 2020 (15 weeks)

School Breaks

    • Thanksgiving Break: November 27, 2019 to December 1, 2019
    • Winter Break:  December 21, 2019 to January 11, 2020
    • Spring Break:  March 28, 2020 to April 5, 2020
    • Summer Break:  June 9, 2020 to September 9, 2020

International I-20 Students: Program dates align with AUP academic calendar.


Annual Base Tuition

Annual base tuition includes one-hour of private piano lessons per week for 30 weeks. Students may sign up for additional private lessons and electives as needed.

    • $13,900 per academic year

New Students

    • Enrollment deposit: $500 (will apply toward tuition upon completion of enrollment)
    • One time new student enrollment fee: $100

Returning Students

    • Registration fee $50 per semester

Additional Lessons (sign up in blocks of 15 lessons)

    • 30 minutes    $2,250 per semester
    • 60 minutes    $4,500 per semester
    • 120 minutes  $9,000 per semester

Optional Services for International Students

Practice Piano Fee

      • Fall Semester:  $700
      • Spring Semester: $700

PTPA Transportation Service

Local round trip transportation services between AUP dorm and piano lessons, studio classes, masterclasses, recitals and competitions

      • Fall Semester:  $1,200
      • Spring Semester: $1200

Incidental Expenses

Total incidental expenses paid by PTPA on behalf of students will be invoiced at the end of each semester for reimbursement. Examples of incidental expenses are:

      • Competition application fees
      • Chaperone services (for out of town events)
      • Music books
      • School field trips (concerts, museums, etc.)
      • College application support services


We are happy to help! Please email us at support@pianotalent.com and we will get back with you in 24 hours.




“Studying with Mr. Shihor not only has allowed me to pursue my dreams, but also changed my life. His ever-growing attention to style, precision, and delicacy has brought to my music colors that I would have never imagined if it were not for his unprecedented teaching. I cannot thank him enough for the nine years of guiding me and my music and for making it possible for me to get accepted to the Curtis Institute of Music!” read more >>
Ray Ushikubo

“It’s very hard to explain with words how grateful I am to Mr. Shihor for the past four years studying with him. There are too many things that in my opinion stand out in his teaching, but I think I should at least mention these two. The first one is his unconditional belief in the student’s abilities and his commitment to make the most of those abilities no matter what it takes. Often he believed in me more than I did myself, and kept demanding and encouraging the highest level in pieces without exception. This is grounded on the second aspect – he can justify that belief because he knows how to make that potential a reality through an extraordinary attention to detail, ear and musical intuition. The most remarkable thing which I’ve noticed is……” read more >>
Albert Cano Smit

“Three years of study with Mr.Shihor has totally changed my understanding and increase my love of music dramatically. He patiently guide me with his wonderful musical ideas and concepts.The improvements and achievements I made during these three years are way beyond my imagination. It is truly an amazing experience studying with Mr.Shihor. Without his patience, sensitive and delicate teaching and guidance. It’s not possible for me to get accepted into my dream school, Juilliard. I am extremely thankful to him for all the works and effort he has done for me.” read more >>
Jimmy Shen

“I started taking lessons with Mr. Shihor about 3 years ago and am eternally grateful because I have grown tremendously. This September, I will be attending the Royal Academy of Music with a full scholarship! Studying with Mr. Shihor has opened so many opportunities for me, has helped me find the sound I want to create, has raised my confidence in my playing, and has shown that I am capable. I am so thankful for Mr. Shihor.” read more >>
Milli McFall

…With Mr. Shihor’s guidance and mentorship, I got accepted to all of the schools I’ve auditioned for! I’ve also received scholarships covering 75%-80% of the tuition! I am very grateful that I had an opportunity to study with such a great teacher!read more >> Kamilla Bendersky

“I received acceptance letters from all the schools I auditioned at…studying with professor Shihor was an important step in my career and I am very grateful for his guidance.” read more >>
Clare Yeo

“As a pedagogue, Mr. Shihor maintained the same learning-conducive principles with utmost care and diligence. Every lesson with Mr. Shihor was an extraordinary learning experience in every possible way. I can now say with confidence that I have been accepted into the schools and studios of my dreams, and I would not have been able to do so without Mr. Shihor’s tireless guidance, mentorship and belief in me as a student. I am eternally grateful to him for all that he has helped me with.” read more >>
Kevin Knowles

“Mr. Shihor is a sensitive musician, an attentive teacher, and a compassionate human being who truly cares for every one of his students.” read more >>
Victoria Frances Young