Ace My Admission
Ace your piano Admission

Full service music college admission preparation designed to help you get into your top choice U.S. music schools.

Is the thought of applying to music schools keeping you up at night? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of navigating U.S. music college application process and unsure what is the right path for you? The Ace My Admission program is designed to help you get into the right music school and match with the right piano professor that fit your educational and professional goals in music.

This program is for you if:

  • You are a classical pianist and are planning to apply for U.S. music schools.
  • You would like help with navigating the music school system from an industry expert who specializes in classical piano education.
  • You want expert advice on choosing the right schools and piano teachers.

Ace My Admission Program includes:

  • U.S. music school admission Consultation and Evaluation.
  • Up to 9 Matching Schools and Piano Teachers: Mr. Shihor, with 20+ years specialized experience in administration and classical piano education, will personally hand-pick the right matching schools and piano teachers for you based on your:
    1. Current playing level
    2. Personal preference
    3. Academic performance
    4. Standardized test (SAT/ACT/TOEFL) scores
    5. Desired educational goals
  • College Application preparation service includes highly personalized Resume Development and Personal Essay Writing support.
  • Interview preparation to get you ready to handle high pressure interview situations such as group interview with other competing applicants. Experience interview simulation and receive immediate feedback for rapid improvement.

Additional Program Information:

  • Customized package is available if you wish to build your own program. Please contact Maria at for more information.
  • Enrollment period: a minimum of 3 months prior to the application deadline.
  • All sessions can be done remotely via online video conferencing or in person at our studio in Los Angeles.
  • Unlimited Email Support.

If you wish to explore working with Mr. Shihor to help you get into a top choice U.S. music school, please click the button below to schedule a 15-min. free consultation with Mr. Shihor.


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“I received acceptance letters from all the schools I auditioned at…studying with professor Shihor was an important step in my career and I am very grateful for his guidance.”
Clare Yeo

“Mr. Shihor is a sensitive musician, an attentive teacher, and a compassionate human being who truly cares for every one of his students.”
Victoria Frances Young

“Mr. Shihor opened my eyes to the fact that to truly succeed during the college application process, I had to organize myself psychologically and emotionally as well as pianistically…Not only did Mr. Shihor educate me in the art of piano playing itself, he also provided me with crucial guidance during the college application process, and equipped me with the tools to improve as a musician and get accepted into the schools of my dreams.”
Kevin Knowles